Get Moving… Is that it?

This post is the first in a series about how to create the positive momentum you need to succeed…

Get Moving!

This is a common answer to many situations.  In fact if you’re like me, you’ve probably heard it so many times from family, friends, co-workers, supervisors and motivational guru-types that you tend to dismiss it.  I mean really, if it’s that simple how come we’re not maximizing our productivity at work or achieving our dreams and “living the dream”?

The truth is that the phrase, at face value, is limited.  I’ve discovered through my own journey and by helping clients achieve their goals that the key is to get moving in the “right” direction.  So how do we get moving in the right direction and achieve our goals and live up to our potential?

The key is to create positive momentum.  That is, maximize your efforts and focus on those activities which move you toward your goals rather than those activities that sabotage your efforts or create barriers to achievement.  Simple enough, but sometimes difficult to execute.

As far as I’m concerned the GPS is one of the greatest inventions of all time.  Speaking as a man who hates to ask for directions (surprise!), I simply plug in the address and the computer guides me to my destination.  Notice – the GPS is only as good as the coordinates provided.  In other words, you need to know where your going in order for the GPS to find the route and the detailed directions need to reach your destination.  Here it comes…  The same is true in life.  In order to create positive momentum, you first need to know where you are going.  Lest you think I’m going to launch into a dissertation on goal-setting, There is a critical question that must be answered before one can set meaningful goals and create the detailed map to achieve them.

Answer this question:


I was recently reading a web post from a fellow coach, Peter Scott Stringham who writes “…goals are what you get out of life – your purpose is how you live life.”  I really like this because it changes the paradigm; it creates context and it challenges us to think about our situation differently.

It doesn’t matter what you (your family/your team/your organization) are focused on achieving I submit to you that clarity of purpose – answering the “why” allows you to maximize potential because it provides meaning and motivation for your efforts.

So, how do you begin to answer the “why” questions?  Stay tuned for my next post so you can effectively Get Moving!

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